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Entrepreneur Paul Celia presented new evidence of his rights to 84% shares of Facebook

 Entrepreneur Paul Celia, which requires the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg 84-percent share in the company, changed his legal team and filed new documents to the Federal Court of New York. He refers to a completely new proof of his direct involvement in the creation of Facebook. Maybe Zuckerberg would have to share profits, to stop the proceedings. In addition to Celia there are more pretenders to Zuckerberg’s stare in Facebook. There are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and his former best friend Eduardo Saverin. Details of these proceedings can be found in the article "Three threats to Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook".
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Apple has won a multi-million dollar patent lawsuit from Yale professor

 Apple has won a multimillion-dollar litigation with a small firm Mirror Worlds, founded by a professor at Yale University, David Gelernter.

In October 2010 the jury supported Mirror Worlds claims that Apple violated patents owned by it and obliged Apple to pay $ 625.5 million in fines - for $ 208.5 million for each of the three patent infringement.

The plaintiff claimed that the illegal use of technology in the devices Mac, iPhones and iPods and related organizations interface Cover Flow, backup system Time Machine and software for searching computer hard drives. Apple immediately appealed the decision.

Now the Federal Court of Texas ruled the opposite order, eliminating fine. It is reported that Mirror Worlds has not provided sufficient evidence to justify the amount designated for compensation. Mirror Worlds lawyers refused to comment the situation.
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marriage rights laws for people with intellectual disabilities in Australia

Hi everyone,

Do you know of any resources (websites, books etc) on marriage rights (especially forced marriage) for people with intellectual disabilities in Australia (especially ones in simple English)? Are there specific sections in our laws on marriage for people with disabilities, and forced marriage? I already know about IDRS, and I've read their book on rights in general (it doesn't discuss marriage much, however). My friend is researching this, as she works with people with intellectual disabilities and wants to teach them their marriage rights, so that they can stand up for themselves and avoid exploitation.

I'd love to hear from you all, and I would definitely appreciate hearing constructive advice and feedback. Thanks very much!

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Loans to civil lawsuits in the U.S.

The big banks, hedge funds and private investors in the U.S. who are looking for new promising investment projects, have discovered a new way to earn money. Investing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding of civil suits, they run a great risk, however, they can win much more than in more traditional areas for investment. Attorney Online understands the positive features of this system and what risks proclaim its opponents. Loans are often the catalyst for the large and resonant litigations, especially when in such areas as medical malpractice, divorces and  class actions against large corporations.The total investment into trials in the U.S. since 1990 amounted $ 1 billion. System of crediting trials has become one of important trends of risky investments at high interest rates.

LawFinance Group founder Alan Zimmerman was a practicing lawyer, while in 1992 he moved to California. And there he he borrowed $ 30,000 dollars to a woman who won the case of sexual harassment by her employer, but faced with an appeal of the employer. Lady did not have funds to continue the process, but after the loan employer immediately gave up and did not challenge the court decision. Zimmerman eventually earned $ 20,000. Then the idea to make this practice his business occurred him.
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New Year bonuses of lawyers. Crisis is left behind?

Bonuses in large law firms will differ a little from last year's. Partners of big law firms consider that bonuses — the basic indicator of health of legal business — don't grow highly as position of business in this year has improved slightly. Also the reason of stability of bonuses is anxiety of the clients considering that increase of bonuses to lawyers will increase rates of legal services. This year many leading Wall Street law firms have constituted bonuses from 7 thousand dollars for first year lawyers to 35 thousand dollars for leading experts. This sum is much less than that was 2 years ago when the average sum of bonuses amounted 65 thousand dollars. Read more about employees' new year bonuses in law firms on attorney-online info.
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The Ministry of Justice of the USA will appeal against a judgement about illegality of medical refor

The Ministry of Justice of the USA will appeal against the decision of district court of Richmonds (State of Virginia) which has recognized reform of public health services, initiated by Barack Obama, partially contradicting Сonstitution of the USA. The position obliging all Americans to acquire the medical insurance has been recognized illegal. Tracy Schmaler, representative of the Ministry of Justice of the USA has reported about it. More medical legal information read on Attorney Online
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Three threats to Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook

"Social network" comes to an end on signing  of confidential agreements and satisfactions by litigants of two processes (with Winklevoss and Saverien). In the USA producers like to shoot films about loud legal procedures, therefore it is not excluded that this history will inspire someone on a new screen version of events from life of Facebook founder. Winklevoss and their partner in the spring of 2010 have challenged in a court, the agreement and satisfaction.Read more news about business law procedures of Facebook on Attorney Online.
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Is there juctice in U.S. courts?

Researchers named advertizing election campaign of judges on TV the real information war. And in the war, as it is known, all means are good. Critics don't maintain  videos for judges which are similar to the dirty PR-campaign directed against contenders at elections.The whole article published on Attorney Online: Expenditure for elections of judges grow in the USA. Courts are still independent? Part 2

? Abandoned goods not at place of residence (Victoria)

Back in April, a young couple moved in with me temporarily as emergency accommodation. At that time they filled the shed and part of the back yard of my daughters small unit in town (I live about 30 minutes away in a tiny town). At no stage have they lived at my daughters house, offered to pay for storage or any such arrangement, they just filled her small storage shed and put the overflow in the back yard 'temporarily'. They moved out of my place 3 months ago with no notice when I asked them to follow some simple rules (regarding keeping the kitchen clean, clearing their cat litter trays regularly and putting waste food in the bin not the fridge). I am still trying to get them to collect the rest of their stuff from here, but that's only a minor problem as I have a large property. My daughters place is a different and more urgent issue, especially as what is in the backyard is hazardous to her 2 small children, and they are using ALL of her storage shed. She needs the storage room urgently. She was told 3 months ago by their support worker that the stuff would be out in a week or two, since then we have been unable to contact the support worker (doesn't return calls) and the girl herself(her partner is now incarcerated but it's not his stuff anyway)only contacts when she's picking up selected bits and pieces from here, gives 'I've been busy' excuses when I ask when it's going to go (she doesn't work). I have sent a message telling her to get her stuff out of my daughters place within 2 weeks or I will help my daughter get legal advice on what to do with abandoned goods (hoping this will make her at least talk to her worker about it and get something happening). What is the position when someone dumps stuff at the house of someone else when they are not living there, and keeps putting off collecting it? What can my daughter do legally?I assume she is not obliged to just leave it there forever. Any suggestions gratefully received. I can't even get advice from the tenants union in Victoria on the situation with the stuff left at my place because to them I'm a landlord, so they refuse to give me any advice. The stuff at my daughters place is outside even a tenant situation as they never lived there. HELP????
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