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Hi everyone,

I recently set up a new website:

Basically the site is very similiar to JustAnswer if anyone has ever used that service.  Except that on this site, the experts are qualified lawyers from across Australia.  The cost of asking a question is $20 Australian dollars.  At present we only have lawyers from Western Australia and Queensland, but we do hope to grow and have lawyers from NSW and Victoria pretty soon as well.

Anyway, if your interested please check out the site.  Also, I wish to thank Live Journal for allowing me to tell others about my new website.


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Accused and arrested for shoplifting I didn't commit

Unfair and possibly illegal treatment?Collapse )

Now, aside from the obvious fucked up logic going on by them, here's what I'm confused about:
Me(16) and Sarah(17) are both underage. Are they legally allowed to question us without our parents there first?
Are they legally allowed to take photographs without our permission? (I read somewhere that they can't)
Why was I not handcuffed and told my rights?
Why was I forced to admit a crime I did not commit, even after proving that the only thing in my bag, the jumper, was mine and worn before?
Were they allowed to take items not even from the store and not related, to see if we had stolen them from another store too?
One cop had asked Sarah about her father, who left the family, and tried to probe deeper than was obviously comfortable.
They asked me about things in my life which had nothing to do with the case.
They made rude remarks all the way through, right from the start accusing us as being criminals. Me and John don't go to school, he finished early and I was going to go overseas this year for schooling. So they said 'you don't go because you're out theivin' '. Was this even appropriate?
They told me that taking tags off clothing is a crime, even if I actually stole nothing or did anything wrong. Is it?
Were they allowed to look through my phone/messages without my permission?

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Hi everybody!
I'm writting thesis concerning legal regulation of factoring operations of banks. I'm going to propose some amendments of the effective legislation on factoring, and for it i need to analyze legislation of other countries concerning factoring. Unfortunatelly i could not find any electronic resources and web-sites where legisation of foreign countries is placed.
Could you please advice me such web-sites, where i may find main legislation of your country? For example, in Russia it's and web-sites of all state bodies.

Thanks in advance for help!

Pre-school late fee killed my spirit!

This is my first time posting. This situatioon has been bothering me since it happend yesterday.
THe story is, I have in my care twin nieces who are 3 yrs old, my sister left them for me to take care of 2 1/2 yrs ago, she left for a funeral, and said she was coming back in 2 weeks, but have yet to come and get them, that was 2 1/2 yrs ago. 
Well, I have applied for susidide daycare, and was immediately approve. I want the best for the twins since they havent been having the best in their parents, so I wanted to make sure that they have a very happy childhood. 
I have had problems with previous daycares giving care to them, bc they are twins..these daycares treated them as if they were the same person, when they are not. SO I removed them and put them into a new daycare a month ago (its been a year and a half since their last move). Well, this new daycare looked very inticing to kids, and the director was nice at the beggining.
 However, I work for the school distrct here, and I am off for th summer, but Im taking summer classes. Well, yesterday, I had a real bad headache, and was real tired, so I went home after class, and went to take a nap. I set my clock, but it didnt go off. I was late picking the girls up. So, when I took them to the daycare this morning, the director told me to pay the late pick-up fee of 43X2, which =$86. I am so heart broken bc I explain to them what happend, and that never happend to me before..she was like, "you cant bring them here until you pay". I was thinking, WOW! none of the other daycares never did that to me, they never shut me and the girls out bc of late fees, they always tried to work with me, bc they know I cant afford the daycare fee, bc I am a student, and the kids are not even mine. Well, to make a long story short, I asked to speak to the owner, and this Director, she was hesitant about me speaking to her, she was making up excuses to the owner to why she made me pay this high fee. A dollar per minute fee.
 I had payed the girls daycare up front for the whole summer, bc I work for the school district, and I didnt want to not have any money to pay their daycare...and this is what happend to me...I would end up paying out more money than I even had to pay for the whole summer, as a matter of fact, with me being on subsidide payment, that $86 was 3 times the amount of my actual fee that I paid for the whole summer. I feel so dissapointed in myself, and I felt as if this daycare only cared about money.I asked the owner if I can pay by installments and she wrote out a letter and had me signed it, agreeing I pay her by August 30th  when I go back to work, but I still feel harmed byt this.And I dont think I can trust the director there.

I just want to ask, should I moved the girls and put them some where else? bc  am very dissapointed in the service they are rendering, she made excuses not to have the girls stay at the daycare today, when I told her I had classes to attend, and summer classes, are very intensive, you miss a day, you miss alot. Should i move them from this money hungry daycare immediately?

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Statement of adjustments

I'm a student and am required to produce a statement of adjustments and settlement statement but am puzzled as to what to do! I've googled for sample statements but haven't been successful..
Here's the scenario:
Settlement date is 23 May 2008

Council rates for year ended 30 June 08, Vendor has paid $615 of $820.
I have calculated $820/366 days multiplied by 7 days = $15.68 so the Purchaser would have to allow this right?
Do I write down what the Vendor allows? If the V has paid $615 then they are still owing $189.32 if the P is to pay $15.68 from settlement up until 30 June.

I'm really not sure how to set these out in the table!

Water: $32.50, for the quarter ended 30 June 08. This has not been paid.
$32.50/91days = $2.50

There's also the land titles registration fee, how much should this be?

The property is $300,000, deposit paid is $30,000

So the balance payable at settlement is $269,981.82 ???

There seem to be a heap of other cells in the table I'm not too sure what to put in them. I'm sure one of you could calculate this in less than 5 minutes!

Can someone please let me know if I'm on the right track. Thanks guys.

I also need to draft settlement instructions to someone in my firm.
So far I've got details of the property, who is attending, who we are representing.
What else should I provide?

Magistrates Court Complaint

I'm filling out a Magistrates Court Complaint regarding a motor vehicle damages claim.
I'm a uni student, this is a scenario for class, not real life.

There are two defendants - a driver of the company, and the his company.

Do I fill out two form 4A's?

I find it hard to edit the forms as you can't delete anything, or add 1st Defendant, 2nd Defendant.

Could anybody make some suggestions for me?
Or is it acceptable to submit the Form 4a in handwriting?


Intellectual property question: please help!

Dear friends.
I am not sure if this is the right question for this community, and if not, please, take my apologies, and refer me to appropriate sources.

I need your kind help with one issue, important to many people.

My organization (indigenous peoples organization, located in Russia) had an event, which took place in New York, and which was filmed by an American professor. Professor did not obtain any prior clearances/permission to film the session, which was of education character. He said he’s going to use the footage for making a documentary for educational use.

We need to approach this person with a type of a document, which would clarify our rights for the seminar, and for the use of it in that documentary. We also need to make sure that he will provide us with a copy of the seminar footage, and the copy of the documentary itself.

How do we practically approach this? Are there any sources which one might use, for example, samples of Memorandum of Understanding or any other type of legal paper we might/should compose? Obviously, no funds to get a legal individual to help us out, and complete ignorance from our part on how to practically do it.

Thank you so very much for any suggestions!!
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Landlord responsibility question

Hi, I was referred to this community by someone in bad_service.

Basically, I'm having issues with my rental property agent, LJ Hooker's, and my landlord. We have several problems wrong with our place at the moment - a broken cold tap handle in the bathroom, no indoor TV antenna, despite there being a socket in the wall and a cable leading up to the roof where one should be, the front light is hanging half off, and the back light doesn't work at all. Plus, the kicker, our hot water system is broken. Everything except the hot water system was reported 2 months ago, and since then I've only heard from the landlord twice in regards to the tap, nothing else. Once he turned up on my doorstep as I was going out, with no notice, and the other time he called to see if he could come the next day, but I had a job interview. Since then, nothing. The landlord and his wife live 2 hours away and have confessed to not liking to drive to the place and fix stuff.

I reported the hot water system this morning, and called back just now to see what was happening. Nothing is happening. Apparently LJ Hooker have told my property manager about it, she'll call the landlord, he'll call whoever needs to fix it, and then they'll call me. Hot water is important, and it looks like this won't be fixed for a while. There is a 24 hour service number on the hot water system, but I'm afraid of what they might charge, and also, I don't think I should have to pay it, given it should be the landlord's responsibility - right?

What are the laws regarding landlord obligations in a rental property? The lease is in my Dad's name, I am listed as a tenant. I don't have a copy of the lease, my Dad has it and he is overseas until the middle of January. Is there anything I can say to LJ Hookers to get them to do something quicker?

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